Captains Of April was founded in Orlando, FL by Chris Erwin (vocals/management) and James Sims (guitar) in April, 2014. Chris and James shared a class together at the local college, but spoke very little during the duration of the course. It was only after, when Chris performed as a solo-acoustic artist for an event that James happened to come out and do professional photography for, that the two sat down and spoke about their musical influences and aspirations. Once realizing that they had a similar vision in mind for a future heavily invested in music, they decided to team up and see how far their talents could take them.

After sometime searching, and some member changes along the way, the band finally solidified the perfect additions: Mateo V. (bass) and Tristan Smith (drums). They are both very talented multi-instrumentalists who have worked with many successful artists over the years. They give the driving energy behind the music that brings a level of versatility and intensity that the band strives for in each performance.

     Captains Of April continues to grow and adapt to an ever-changing industry. With a recently released EP, high quality music video, vast web presence, growing fan base, consistent bookings of live performances, and the support of great friends, they have hit the ground running since they've all found each other. With the momentum built, they look forward to a long and prosperous future in the music scene!