Captains Of April was founded in Orlando, FL by Chris Erwin (vocals/managment) and James Sims (guitar/vocals) in April, 2014. Chris and James shared a class together at the local college, but spoke very little during the duration of the course. It was only after, when Chris performed as a solo-acoustic artist for an event that James happened to come out and do professional photography for, that the two sat down over a couple of beers and talked to each other about their musical influences and aspirations. Once realized that they had a similar vision in-mind for a future heavily invested in music, they decided to team up and see how far their talents can take them.

After a few jam sessions together, the two decided to move forward as an duo-acoustic act performing folk-rock songs. They performed two shows together before deciding to record some original material for a demo CD to be called Don't Tell Your Mother. During the recording process, the style of the songs shifted into a more driving, new-wave, indie-rock sound. With this new drive in their songs, they decided to begin recruiting members to fill the gaps and collaborate with.

The first member recruited was John Cowie (bass) who quickly responded to one of the advertisements posted. He had never performed with a group before, but his exceptional skill at the bass guitar and positive personality solidified his position in the band. He also happened to know Mercedes Rosal (drums) from a previous project he was going to try out for, that she was the drummer for, and when he heard she was in the market for a band, he made the introduction. Her long experience and intense energy she has with drumming fit exactly with what the band needed.

After auditioning many other guitarists who were not quite the right fit for one reason or another, Johnny Busch (guitar) finally came out to showcase his skills. His ambition caught the attention of the band and earned him the spot which was the last piece of the puzzle.

With a released demo, vast web presence, growing fan-base, and consistent bookings of live performances, Captains Of April has truly hit the ground running in the short amount of time they've all found each other. With the momentum built, they look forward to a long and prosperous future in the music scene.




* The name “Captains Of April” was chosen in part, because the band began in the month of April, and in part to it's relation to Chris's Portuguese heritage. The “Captains Of April” became known as the Portuguese military officers who led an overthrow of fascism in the country in April of 1974. When Chris first heard this story in his adolescence, he held onto the name thinking it would make a great band name one day.